Talk to Your Doctor

If you think you may be experiencing some of the symptoms of depression, it is a good idea to talk to your doctor about it. When booking your appointment inform your doctor you may need extra time to discuss these matters. For tips on what to discuss with your doctor see the Discussion Guide. Don’t have a family doctor? Check our Finding a Family Doctor resource page.

Your doctor is a good place to start. He or she can evaluate your symptoms and determine whether depression is the underlying cause. You can get a head start by creating your own list of symptoms with the Symptom Checklist. It allows you to build a list of symptoms that you can rate based on how each impacts your ability to function in everyday life. When completed, bring it with you to your doctor to discuss your responses.

If your doctor thinks you may have depression they may suggest a course of treatment or may refer you to a specialist, such as a psychiatrist or a therapist. If you do not already have a primary care provider, ask your friends or family members to recommend one.

If you have been receiving treatment for depression but still don’t feel like your old self, make sure you discuss this with your doctor. Let him or her know what symptoms you are still experiencing and how they are impacting your life.

It is a good idea to prepare for the visit. Create a list of questions you may want to ask, along with some notes about your symptoms and medical history.