Important Points to Consider

Talking to Your Doctor

You and your doctor have a common objective: helping you to recover from depression.

This is not possible until ALL your symptoms have been fully treated. That is why it is important to talk to your doctor about everything you are feeling, not just at your first visit, but during your follow-up, too.

Some symptoms may persist even though you are feeling better overall. Do not ignore these persistent symptoms – talk to your doctor about them.

The objective of treatment for depression is the relief of all your symptoms, so you can be yourself again and enjoy life as you used to.3

Remember, depression can be treated.1

Being Part of Your Care

Depression can be caused by many factors and identifying a solution adapted to your needs can take time. Do not become discouraged if the first treatment your doctor prescribes for you does not give the anticipated results. It is important to remember that there are many options available, and an effective treatment can be found for nearly all patients.1

Regardless of the treatment that has been started, remember that you can take an active part in managing your illness. So work as a team with your doctor by maintaining a dialogue and close cooperation with him or her. And do not hesitate to ask questions or express your expectations and concerns at any time.

Don’t Take Suicidal Thoughts Lightly


The risk of suicide increases in people with depression and it is important to take this risk very seriously.4 If you feel that you are giving up or feel you could harm yourself, GET HELP IMMEDIATELY.

  • Call the Canada Suicide Prevention Service 1-833-456-4566
  • Call your doctor
  • Go to the emergency room
  • Call 911